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Are your lavender fields open to the public? Currently we are not open to the public, as our lavender is just getting established. It takes many years to get the big beautiful lavender you want to take pictures with at lavender farms! We hope to open to public in 2025 depending on how well it grows in the coming year.

Is your Lavender culinary? Yes, our lavender is safe for culinary use! We do not spray pesticides or other chemicals, making our lavender perfect for cooking. We grow french hybrid (phenomenal) lavender, which is stronger than the typical english culinary lavender, so a little goes a long way! Dried lavender is 3x more potent than fresh, so please keep this in mind when following a recipe.

Do you do weddings? We do not offer wedding work. We offer DIY buckets to the Bride who wants to make her own florals, but otherwise we do not host or do florals for weddings.

Do you do delivery? We currently do not offer delivery. If you are planning on ordering a large number of bouquets or florals, we may consider on a case by case basis, but otherwise we do not offer bouquet delivery at this time.

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